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Todwick Historical Society

Tree Planting at the Junior & Infants School

The society has been involved with the school discussing the history of the village and what it was like in the past for people growing up in the village.

A Weeping Tree For Remembrance

On the eleventh hour of the 11th November 2011, members of the Todwick Historical Society were invited to join a Service of Remembrance in Todwick School.

After the service assembly a group discussion took place with the older children at the school. One of the discussion points were that there was no war memorial in the village with the exception of the name board that stands in the church porch. From the discussions the children had the idea that the school should plant a weeping tree to remember the dead and injured in war, especially the mosr recent ones in Afghanistan.

The Historical Society were pleased to provide the funds for this to happen and as 2012 is plant a tree year it was a worthwhile initiative and project to support.

Most of all we have done this because the children think it is important because they care.

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Pictures above showing children, Jessica Galligan, Rhys Ellis, Myles Coggan, Grace Perry and Miles Ridge helping Hostorical Society members Tony Rusling, Jane Hull, Alan Turner and Philip Robins to plant the weeping willow tree and to fix the memorial plaque.

We hope that it will be used on numerous occasions in the coming years and to be a visual reminder of the debt owed to all our fighting forces.